Puzzle 99 – “Truth Is Stranger”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Title for this themeless is semi-inspired by 24-Across, but really, any number of clues in this one fit the bill too, given how much I do love a fun fact. 21-Across feels stranger than fiction. So does 43-Across. 47-Across too.

Regarding 42-Down… yeah, I think we may have hit the point at which if there’s no Muppet in the puzzle, there may well be some Dan. It happens, amirite?

Next week: it’s #100, yall. Unbelievable. Something big next time!

Until then, comments welcome on this one. Hope you enjoy, folks. Happy solving.


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  1. Just swell

  2. Fan of 24-A, especially the Any Given Saturday Afternoon episode. I like that you threw in the factoid for 43-A, I always think of that when I hear her name. Finally, 6-D made me laugh more than it probably should have. Well done.

    Thanks again!

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