Puzzle 98 – “No Title, No Theme”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Look, sometimes the concepts for puzzle titles present themselves and sometimes they don’t, amirite? Not a very imaginative title this week, but hey–that title is all facts, after all.

This week’s themeless started with the seed entry of 27-Across. From there, built the southwest corner around 56-Across. Favorite clue here: 3-Down, without a doubt, with 52-Across a close runner-up.

Lots more music (and inevitably, more titles and proper names) than I’ve had in a puzzle on here for a little while. I hope it still makes for a smooth and fun solve.

As always, comments welcome. Happy solving. Hope you enjoy, yall.


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  1. Surprised 58-A wasn’t a seed here – pretty cool corner, I think!

  2. Your puzzles are more enjoyable to solve than most of the NYT crosswords that I do every day.

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