Puzzle 97 – “A Game of Chance”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Not totally themeless. Not themed either. Theme-ish, I guess this one is. Still mostly themeless (like we do here) but with a set of three centrally located Across entries that form a (generationally important, eminently shoutable) set.

Had fun with this grid too, with the mirror symmetry and going just a touch wider than usual. Favorite clue here: probably 61-Across. Worst pun on this site in a while: 60-Down.

As always, yall, hope you enjoy. Happy solving. Comments welcome.


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  1. I liked seeing both Elvis Costello and Thomas Pynchon clued in the same puzzle.

  2. This puzzle was a bit of a struggle for me, but I was able to solve it. And I liked both of those clues that you mentioned! Also, I watch Press Your Luck and I like Elizabeth Banks as host, but I often get her confused with Sara Haines from The Chase.

  3. Good stuff. Love the theme clues. Some of my earliest memories are staying home from school sick and watching that. Loved the little red dudes.

    Good to see you at trivia!

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