Puzzle 96 – “And Here’s to You”

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Before any notes on this week’s themeless, a quick thank you and shout-out to the whole team at Boswords. I constructed this week’s puzzle in their current Spring Themeless League, and being part of the fun as a constructor was an absolute joy at every turn. Having three sets of clues edited by Brad was like taking a private clue-writing clinic, and then being part of the weekly Twitch stream with John was super fun as well. Great experience all around.

Seed entry for this one: the national treasure at 6-Down, whose name I’d been trying to get into a grid for a while. Favorite clue: 20-Across. Funnest of fun facts in this one: 10-Down.

Yall, we’re nearing puzzle #100 here. Can’t believe it.

But until then, enjoy this one, folks. Happy solving. Comments welcomed.


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  1. Another good puzzle with lots of variety. My only hesitancy was 28D where I entered “AP USH” and then pondered what that meant. After looking at the clue again later, the bells in my head rang and “U.S. History” made total sense. Thx for creating these great puzzles for us!

  2. 10 down! That’s hilarious

    good one. Thanks!

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