Puzzle 81 – “Days and Years”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Last puzzle here of 2022 is themeless. Seed entries were the three long across entries, with 23-Across and 48-Across pointing obliquely to the title.

Favorite clues here are probably pretty obvious: 5-Down, 11-Down, 52-Down.

Happy holidays and many thanks to everyone who’s spent some time with the crosswords on this site. As always, hope you enjoy. Comments welcomed. Happy solving, yall.


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  1. You always throw in a factoid that stuns me, and the Sir Mix-a-Lot answer came from way out in left field. I’m amazed that you come up with these things!

  2. Solid puzzle. Thanks.

    Was stuck for a second in the bottom left because I had idolizing instead of lionizing, but the Lenin clue showed me the way.

  3. Dr. Luter…your crossword puzzles are immensely beyond my cognitive capacity…

  4. All I could think of when you mentioned Sir Mix-A-Lot was Buttermilk Biscuits.

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