Puzzle 80 – “O Brothers, Here Thou Art”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Back with a themed one this week, yall, and this time, it’s a crossover puzzle with a podcast co-hosted by my pal Chris Ayers. Check out what he’s up to over at the homepage for The Life of the Mind (mild spoiler there for this puzzle’s theme–click there and you’ll know right away what cinematic partnership is at the center of this crossword).

Favorite clues here: 6-Across.

Hope you enjoy, yall. Comments welcomed. Happy solving.


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  1. Very nice. Thank you

  2. so fun. But Faulkner? Not Odets? Favorite Clue, 39 down.

  3. For whatever reason, maybe just chance, this was the hardest puzzle of yours I have done. I guess I need to watch more Coen Brothers movies.

  4. The SW quadrant did me in, but as always, your puzzles are challenging but fair!

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