Puzzle 150 – “Exterior Shades”

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[If you’re having trouble viewing this larger-than-usual grid and its clues on this site, try clicking here.]

This is number ONE-FIFTY on this site, yall, as we near three full years of puzzling fun. Last week I promised yall something big, and I meant it literally. So please enjoy, for the second time on this site, a themed Sunday-sized grid. We’re still six weeks away from the actual three-year anniversary here, but the nice round number (150!) feels a touch more celebratory. With that in mind, much thanks and appreciation to all who have solved and commented here.

Favorite clues: I like the mild misdirect at 10-Down… but since the theme involves a light touch of tricky business, as implied by the revealer (that 21-letter spanner right at the center), I have tried to clue things pretty accessibly here overall.

As always, happy solving, friends. Comments are welcomed, as always. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Congrats on 150!! I always look forward to your puzzles each week. Here’s to 150 more!

  2. Congrats! Fun puzzle for the milestone! Loved the theme

  3. Quite a feat to hit the big 1-5-0, and as you wrote, you did it in a super-sized way! Thank you so much for crafting puzzles that are entertaining and enlightening!

  4. Great way to celebrate! Love this grid and the theme is *chef’s kiss*! Congrats on 150!

  5. Matthew: I know there are 10 colors outside the grid, but can you list each clue number here with the matching color? A few of them have me curious?

    Also, thanks for mentioning my Mariners and their “streak” of no World Series appearances, lol!

    • Sure thing!
      Spoilers ahead…. :

      26-A: black
      46-A: green
      48-A: brown
      87-A: pink
      89-A: white
      114-A: silver
      11-D: red
      14-D: yellow
      66-D: blue
      101-D: gray

      • Thx for the info, and now I see that Dandelion “Green” and Tickling “Pink” make sense. Very clever and fun puzzle. Thanks again!

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