Puzzle 149 – “Like a Fine Wine”

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Let’s talk, solvers. So, it has been implied to me that the reference points in my puzzles, especially the themelesses, can lean a little… shall we say… um… vintage.

What have we here today? You know, the usual. A fill-in-the-blank clue about a synth-pop song. A fun fact that takes us back to 1987. A misdirect at 24-Down that references a movie from 1969.

Vintage, you say? See the title, friends. See the title.

For real, I think all this material is gettable, even as there are a few things in here I have clued a little less gently than usual. And if any of this is brand new to you, hey, it’s fun to learn about (and listen to–mild spoiler alert) things that are before your time. Favorite clue: 4-Down, with 51-Across a close second.

Next week… got something big for #150.

Happy solving, yall. Comments welcomed, as ever. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. As a high school and college debater, AND a 4D, this one was right in my wheelhouse! Really nice grid – and congrats on the ACPT success!

  2. Congrats on the win for one of your puzzles that I just saw on Crossword Fiend!
    And I truly like your crosswords because you don’t use BS clues and I learn something new from every one of them! (You remind me a lot of Evan Birnholz and his great puzzles.)
    Also, I think most solvers are baby-boomers (like me) and we like to remember things from our past, while also being exposed to contemporary ephemera.
    Please keep up the great work!

  3. The vintage of the clues is always perfect for me! I’ve been enjoying your puzzles.

  4. I completely support vintage!

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