Puzzle 141 – “Sounds of Suspense”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

I don’t just have a theme for you this week, folks, I have a story.

Recently I decided to look back at some of the very first crosswords I made, and yall… they were not good. But then I happened on one whose theme I felt was still fine (well enough, after all, that I made it work for a trivia puzzle over at AVCX) even though the grid pattern and most of the fill made the original version basically a total mess.

So I revised it… and this week’s puzzle is what I came up with. Much happier with the grid pattern and the shorter fill. And perhaps one of the theme entries is a touch more obscure than the others, though hey, if you don’t know 54-Across already, check it out (spoiler at link).

Moral of the story… we improve. And if you don’t believe it, go look at something you made three years ago.

Other favorite clues: 54-Down and 14-Across. Also, 1-Across and 13-Across winding up just on top of each other is too good to pass up.

Happy solving, yall. Comments welcomed. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. TY for another fun puzzle that was well made. And “I Confess” that I printed out the puzzle yesterday so I could “Save It For Later”. (Groan…)

  2. Good one thanks!

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