Puzzle 142 – “Call Me”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Keeping the commentary short and sweet this time. This one’s 14 x 15, yall, and it’s got a theme. I promise we’ll be back to pretty standard themelesses around here soon!

Favorite clues here are more in the fun-fact category than punny territory: 1-Across fits the bill. 42-Across: misdirection warning.

In other news, I’m delighted and humbled to share that my Boswords puzzle from this past spring got nominated for a 2024 ORCA award for Best Tournament Crossword! It was a pleasant surprise.

Hope you enjoy this week’s. Comments welcomed. Happy solving, yall.


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  1. That was fun! I didn’t know that fact about 1-across but it’s a fun fact for sure.

  2. Thx for another quality puzzle, and is there a “vowel sound ladder” theme?

    (Also, I looked up the ORCA nominations but couldn’t find your puzzle. Is there a different link than the one above?)

    • Shoot, shoulda responded a little sooner, as I think voting is closed now. There are a lot of categories, so you had to advance ahead to another page to find mine.
      Yeah, the theme for this one was a vowel progression… a bit of an old-fashioned theme type, but I like to see them on occasion.

      • TY for the reply, and I really like your puzzles because I always learn something, and you don’t resort to gimmicks or tricks. (I can hear Joe Friday say, “Just the facts, Matt!”, lol!)

  3. good one! thanks!

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