Puzzle 140 – “But Wait!”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

We’ve got here a themeless, folks–imagine that!

Seed entry for this one was the national treasure at 61-Across. Title comes from the 16-Across clue, but it also refers to 67-Across in its way as well. Favorite clues here: probably 28-Down and 30-Down, neither of which is punny question-mark territory (still not my forte) but still manages to get some mild misdirection going on. I like how the triple stacks at top and bottom turned out, and there are some other fun long entries along the way.

As ever, hope you enjoy, yall. Comments welcomed. Happy solving.


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  1. I am too old or too young if I don’t know 19-Across?

  2. Thanks again, Matthew, for constructing puzzles that are educational but still fun!

  3. good one! thanks!

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