Puzzle 139 – “Anywhere But Here”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

We’re back to themelesses, folks! After a couple weeks’ detour into themed territory, we return to the usual model of operations around here. (I’m still not great at titling these things, haha… I noticed an unusual number of Spanish words/references in this one, along with a few other international-leaning entries… and so here we are, anywhere but here.) Seed entry this time out: yep, it’s 61-Across. Favorite clues here: 17-Across for the misdirect (though 36-Down is a touch tricky too)… but I dig a good fun fact, and 58-Across fits the bill.

In other crosswording news: check out this fantastic midi over at Lil AVC X by Jess Shulman–it’s the first puzzle I edited this year as part of the Lil editing team.

Happy solving, friends. As always, comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Matt, you ARE 46-across.

  2. Hi Matthew, and thank you for creating puzzles that are entertaining and educational, and I really like the way your clues and answers work in harmony, and that you don’t rely on gimmickry.
    (But psst! Should clue 20A be “Mlle” instead? And 28D gave me another aha moment…)

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