Puzzle 137 – “Staff Development”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Whoa, what have we here?!? First, it has a theme, which is not our norm around here. Plus it’s tall and thin… 21×12 is the grid size. And it’s a bit heavy on the 3-letter words, you’ll notice… which meant also a cluing exercise in finding some fun to be had with some of the familiar short entries here. Favorite of these: 28-Across for sure.

Meanwhile… I’d love for you to check out a couple of other puzzles by me that have gone out into the world this week! I’m part of the 2024 editing team over at Lil AVC X, where I have my debut this week as a constructor. And I made this week’s puzzle over at Defector. Both require subscriptions, ’tis true… but both outlets are well worth it.

Happy solving, yall. Comments welcomed here, as always. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Super fun! A nice change of pace to mix thing up a little. I wouldn’t be heartbroken to see something like this again.

  2. This one was a lot of fun. You’re getting all fancy.

  3. Ooh la la, a new grid design, and it looks interesting!

  4. fun variation! thanks!

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