Puzzle 136 – “Take a Closer Look”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

It’s themeless, but it’s clued a little more gently than usual. Yall, it’s cold this week. You don’t need a brainbuster of a crossword right now; you need a gentle hug of a puzzle, a cuddly-smooth solve. I hope this one is the themeless equivalent of warm footed pajamas for you.

Seed entries: 14-Across and 57-Across. Favorite clue: maybe 7-Across, actually–a hopefully accessible question-mark clue for an old 3-letter favorite.

Keep warm, folks. Happy solving. Hope you enjoy. Comments welcomed, friends.


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  1. Thanks!

    I got a little hung up in the right middle. Didn’t know 29D or 38D

  2. The answer to 7-across is no.

  3. Love seeing 57A in a crossword! Has to be (fun? hard?) to construct around…

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