Puzzle 120 – “Not Unsolvable”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

So, the title on this one. Refers to an unintentional (haha) mini-theme in this themeless, I guess? Yeah, we’ll call it that. Not me realizing way late in the game that there’s a mildly unforeseen (dangit) and unconscious (aaaaargh) recurrence within this grid. Heck, let’s go with it.

Seed entry: clearly 23-Across. I’m really pleased with the upper-left and lower-right stacks too. Favorite clue: 16-Across, easily.

As always, friends, hope you enjoy. Comments welcomed, as ever. Happy solving, yall.


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  1. Thanks! Good one!

    Thought it was gonna be too easy. Top left came quick, but it toughed up fast.

    Conner helped me with this one!

    I like the info in 55A and learning how to spell 26D.

  2. Another tough but fair puzzle, and “Soft Cell” helped me clean up the middle. Great factoid about the “Doles” running for president, which I somewhat remember.

  3. I LOVE the clue for 10D – I’m all about dad joke pun clues/answers.

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