Puzzle 121 – “And Then We’ll Take It Higher”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

I’m pleased with the grid shape on this one: some stacks at top and bottom, some long entries in the middle, and no sector terribly closed off.

The seed entry was 25-Across (which you now have stuck in your head too; you’re welcome). Favorite clues: 26-Down (which you might also now have stuck in your head as well), and 33-Down, as it’s an example of one of my favorite types of trivia-based clues: something that looks ungettable on first glance, but is totally gettable if you just play with some etymology knowledge. (You have that, right? I mean, we’re all wordsmiths here…)

As always yall, comments are welcomed. Hope you enjoy. Happy solving, friends.


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  1. Another tough but fair puzzle! I had problems getting the NW and SE corners because of those three ten-letter stacks, but eventually got ‘er done! And I like the Eddy Grant clue too!
    This puzzle was worth submitting to a national publication because it was so clean and free of crosswordese!

  2. Very fun puzzle today! I love my dog so the clue with Nipper was appreciated. 60-A makes me think of Notes & Errata, which is a phrase I’ve always loved for some reason. I also like that, in a way, SNL gets two mentions: 47-A & 26-D. As soon as I got 26-D I immediately heard the Sweeny sisters singing in my head. 15-D immediately made me think of “Greg palmed the dip!” (somewhat obscure ITYSL reference)

    Thanks again for the great puzzles. Keep up the fantastic work!

    (I sent you an email last week. It’s nothing important or urgent but incase it got kicked into spam.)

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