Puzzle 117 – “Roll With the Punches”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Seed entries for this one: 11-Across, 58-Across, and the spanner at 6-Down. Favorite clues: 18-Across for the punniness, 14-Down for the reference, 53-Across because I’m glad it’s a thing that exists in the world, and 48-Across just for being a fun (and useful!) word.

ALSO: I neglected to mention here last month that I constructed a puzzle that was distributed at the 2023 Mississippi Book Festival. It’s themed on writers from my home state, and it’s available as a downloadable pdf here. Please enjoy.

As always, yall, comments are welcomed. Hope you dig these. Happy solving, folks.


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  1. I choose to believe 18 Across is a Jimmy Buffett tribute.

  2. Fun puzzle! Learned a new word too.

  3. Thanks! Good one.

    I got stuck in the bottom left. A few I didn’t know.

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