Puzzle 116 – “Harmony and Handclaps”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Seed entry here (and source of the title reference) was 1-Across, which is, no biggie, just one of my very favorite things on Earth. I’m happy with how this grid shape turned out, with no space terribly closed off and two spanners crossing at center.

Favorite clue: 56-Across, with 32-Across close behind. Other than those punnier moments, I sense this one is clued fairly gently. Hope you find it a smooth puzzling experience.

As always, yall, comments are welcomed. Happy solving. Please enjoy, friends.


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  1. Good one! Nice balanced difficulty.

    I missed the first letter of 40-A. Never heard of 37-A.

    Thanks as always!

  2. That was a hard one. Thank you- very enjoyable

  3. This was a tough but fair puzzle, and I never thought a Luter puzzle would contain the word “yeet”. My kids are in their 30s and they don’t know that word, but maybe Matthew is under 30, lol! And I liked seeing “emaciate” because it’s such a fun word to say!

  4. Was SO lucky to get to see Topdog/Underdog on Broadway this year… what a show. Thanks for jogging the memory!

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