Puzzle 115 – “It’s Too Hot Out for a Title”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

That title is not some cute oblique reference to anything in this puzzle. It just is. Yall. I’m on the record as loving summertime a lot. But it’s been rough around these parts for the last couple weeks… and, it looks like, for the next week to come, at least, too. We’re all doing our best to stay cool (and sane) here.

So, here we’ve got a themeless (as we so often do here), and this one has a lot of entries on the tough side, I realize, but with some clued on the gentler side to (I hope) balance things about a bit. Favorite clue here: yeah, probably 26-Across.

As always, hope you enjoy. Comments welcomed. Happy solving, yall.


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  1. 20D puzzled me for the longest time until I looked up “the three favorite cars of “Schoolhouse Rock’s “Conjunction Junction” and saw that “And, But, and Or” are listed. Pretty funny clue!

  2. Really fun puzzle. Made me think, even tho my wife doubts I can

  3. I could NOT love the clue for 26A more! Great puzzle…

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