Puzzle 108 – “Just Play It Cool”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Here’s a themeless for yall. The title nods in the direction of 28-Down, obviously; it’s also inspired by what a historically, humidly, hot spell it’s been in these parts for the past week or so. Hope you’re keeping it cool wherever you are.

Favorite clue: well, clearly, it’s 20-Across, which was the seed entry here. Also dug getting 10-Down in here, and while fill-in-the-blank-in-this-quotation clues are a bit out of fashion to many, I will stand by both 8-Down and 29-Down. (Kinda dig 58-Down too, now that I look at it again…)

And with that… happy solving, yall. Comments welcomed, as always. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Seattle Derek July 4, 2023 — 5:55 pm

    I’m so glad that you didn’t take today off and posted your puzzle! Enjoy the holiday!

  2. Always glad to see Chicago getting a subtle nod in your puzzles! Clue for 23A rocks

  3. Another good one. Thanks!

    20 across my favorite as well

    off to Wikipedia to find out whats up with 27 down

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