Puzzle 109 – “Around the Corner”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

It’s been a while since I prominently placed a Muppet in a themeless puzzle, folks–hence 23-Across in this one. Not my favorite clue here, though: that goes to 47-Across this time out. Kinda like 26-Down too. (I also like 3-Down on the fun fact side as opposed to the punny side.)

There’s some tough stuff in this one, I do sense. So this could be a good moment to remind everyone that there is nothing wrong with Googling an answer or clicking “reveal word.” You won’t be called out for cheating. And I’m not the first one to say it, but it’s true: it’s your puzzle to solve how you want to.

With all that in mind… hope yall enjoy, puzzlers. Happy solving. Comments welcomed as always.


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  1. Tougher than usual. But very good

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle, but I’m flummoxed by the title. Help, please…

  3. good one! thanks!

  4. I hit a few rough spots but crossings led to a correct solve. BTW, does the title “Around The Corner” refer to a hidden meta-theme?

    • That’s the goal, for crossings to even out the tough ones.
      Definitely no meta here! Though now you’ve got me wondering if I should try and make a meta or two…

  5. Loved this one! Always have to think 3 times about how to spell 23A…

    Favorite clues all happened to be down this time: 26D and 35D (love the “contrary to its name” addition)!

  6. 47-A had me stumped. Good one.

    Beyond tickled to see 3-D (my personal GOAT novel) and with 9-D my first thought was of Poor Tony Krause, throwing his over his shoulder and “making an infinite series of grand entrances into pocket after pocket of space.”

    Kudos! Thanks again!

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