Puzzle 106 – “She’s a Song”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Well, solvers, we haven’t had a pop music-centric themed puzzle here in… what’s that?… oh, six whole weeks? Eh, it’s true. But this one is kind of a spiritual sequel to a little bit older themed puzzle round these parts: this one here.

Favorite clue here: 43-Down.

Hope yall enjoy. Comments welcomed. Happy solving, as always.


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  1. Fun! Thanks!

  2. I like your puzzles better than Mueller’s Monthly Music Metas because your song choices seem to coincide with the ’65-’95 era of music which is right in my wheelhouse, and which I think is the best era of music ever (except for maybe the days of the classical composers like the three B’s.
    And it was nice to give a shout-out to Leslie Jordan. He was a very funny and kind soul.

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