Puzzle 85 – “Puzzle ’85”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

We’re operating in a strange liminal space this week, neither themed nor themeless. Theme-ish?

1985 might be my favorite year of pop music. So just seeing that puzzle #85 on the site was coming up put me in mind of things I love from ’85. And that means the seed entries here were top, middle, and bottom: 1-Across, 35-Across, and 61-Across. Right in the center is the first band I ever loved.

From there, let’s make every clue we can 1985-centric. Why not?

Other favorite clues: 14-Down and 37-Down.

As always, happy solving, yall. Comments welcomed. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Another solid puzzle with good memories!

  2. Good one. I was only 5 so I had to dig deep for the answers!

    Everybody wants to rule the world brings back skating rink memories

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