Puzzle 60 – “Summertime Themeless”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

What’s so summery about this puzzle? Eh, not much, really. But as this is currently the last full week of my summer, my love of summer is on my mind, so here you go.

Seed entries here were 12-Across and 60-Across, with the rest of the grid coming together to meet in the middle. 37-Across is a longtime favorite book–glad to see it work so well as another long entry.

Favorite clues: 23-Down and 42-Down for the mild misdirection, and 38-Down just because, well… whew, what a weird thing 38-Down is/was, amirite? (I also like the appearance of this grid, if I may say so myself…)

As always, yall, comments welcomed. Hope you enjoy. Happy solving.