Puzzle 59 – “If You Experience a Loss of Pressure”

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Good news / bad news this week, as we return to our themeless norm.

Good news: this past weekend I came in 4th among online solvers at Boswords, which ran a fantastic hybrid tournament on Sunday pretty darn seamlessly (far as I could tell!). If you’ve ever wanted to give a crossword tournament a shot, I can’t speak highly enough of the themeless league they run every fall–like all of their events, it’s fun, challenging, and welcoming in equal measures.

Bad news: well, with the central entry here (38-Across), I’m trying to make lemons out of lemonade: an annoyingly common occurrence in my city (which I love fiercely) also happens to be a pretty solid 15-letter grid-spanner.

Other favorite clues here: 16-Across, 4-Down, and 21-Down.

As always, happy solving. Comments welcomed. Hope you enjoy!

[Edited 7/26/2022 11:37am to correct a cluing error.]


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  1. Good news: as always, enjoyable solving; bad news: 24-down translates the second part of Caesar’s boast.

    • Argh. My bad. Thank you. I really 30-Downed there, didn’t I?
      Edit has been made.

      • Apt entry, that 30-down! As a copy editor, I often spot errors online. I’ve rarely, if ever, let the source know because catches like that are welcomed only by clients. In this case, I was confident that you’d want to fix it.

        Enjoy your day!

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