Puzzle 152 – “Straight to the Source”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Back to our usual themelessness this week. Seed entries here were 18-Across (source of the title and something I think about more than most, for professional reasons) and 50-Across (also something I think about more than most, for general enjoying his work reasons).

Favorite clues here: 32-Across for the misdirect, 34-Across for the silliness.

In other news: my first ever print themeless will appear this weekend, as the Saturday, May 11th offering from the Universal syndicated puzzle. Check it out if you’re a Puzzle Society member, or you can click here to play it for free on Saturday or the 10 days following (after Saturday, click on the calendar icon to the left of the “i” icon in order to find it). (Or maybe it’s in your local paper!)

Hope you enjoy, yall. Comments always welcomed. Happy solving.


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  1. Another good puzzle, and 34A had me in stitches. Q: “Going bottoms up?”, A: “Mooning”.

  2. 28D – Thank you, Sir Mix-A-Lot!

  3. Ha! Loved 34A. Also really enjoyed the long down entries, and indeed the puzzle as a whole. Thank you! I’ll look forward to the Universal tomorrow.

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