Puzzle 131 – “We’ll Have a Good Time”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Themeless as usual. Seed entry was 67-Across, which I’ve been trying to find just the right way to work into a grid for a while now. 33-Down, another favorite thing of a different sort altogether, was the start of that segment on the far right. And when 11-Down fell into place, I had (spoiler at link) the clue instantly, along with the title, taken from those lyrics.

Favorite clues here: 27-Down (misdirect alert), 29-Down (working on those question mark clues).

Hope yall enjoy, as ever. Comments welcomed. Happy solving, friends.


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  1. Thanks! Good one. Well balanced.

    Conner stole the rest of my 33D and goat cheese to take for lunch yesterday.

  2. That was a tough one in a great way! Lots of great fill and clues that misdirected me just enough to give me a little side-eye. Hi from 11D!

  3. Another very good puzzle and I was helped out with clue/answers such as Kraftwerk, Peter Frampton, and Bryan Adams, all of which brought me back to my 20-something day!

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