Puzzle 124 – “Y Not?”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Seed entry here was 36-Across, right in the middle… and I considered using this puzzle’s title as a clue for that entry, before deciding that it’s a bit too oblique.

This one has a kinda unusual number of question mark clues, for me. Of those, my favorite is 14-Across. No pop song title as a central entry this week, but plenty of musical clues for those of yall who like that sorta thing.

As always, comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy. Happy solving, friends.


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  1. good one! thanks

    14A best one

    Also liked the trivia of 41A

  2. I think 19d should be demonstrative adjective or singular verb

  3. I like how 14A and 41A both relate to “suds” as in “brew”.

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