Puzzle 123 – “What It Takes to Make a Pro Blush”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Oh look, yall, it’s the third straight themeless on this site whose seed entries include the title of a classic ’80s pop song. (I am who I am, people.) And once again, third straight that’s using a bit of the lyrics as a puzzle title. And let’s be real: rhyming “precocious” with “pro blush” is so shameless and awkward and silly that it’s brilliant. Love it.

I do like how the overlaps of the three horizontal spanners and the two 14-letter Down entries came together on this one.

Favorite clue… well, there are no question-mark clues here, so I gotta choose on the fun fact basis. And if I’m being honest here, learning about 50-Down was… whew, that was a lot to take in. Maybe too much.

As always, folks, comments are welcomed. Hope you enjoy. And happy solving, friends.


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  1. Good one! Thanks!

    9D… who knew?

  2. 40-A got me laughing, then I noticed that several other answers contained a doubling of one letter. Not sure if intentional but pretty cool nonetheless. Thanks again!

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