Puzzle 113 – “Before My Time”

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So, I’ve often been called an “old soul,” and maybe that helps explain why I’ve always resisted the idea that some piece of culture is suspect or irrelevant simply because it originates a few decades (or more) in the past. Or, put more directly: yeah, a lot of my cultural reference points are way before my time. What about it?

Hence the title of this one, which features a novelist of the ’60s and ’70s at 1-Across and a beloved TV character of the ’50s at 12-Down. None of these references are really “old”–hey, if you haven’t read/seen them, then they’re new to you.

Favorite clues: 24-Across and 33-Across for the punniness, 39-Across for the silliness.

Hope you enjoy. Comments welcomed, as always. And happy solving, yall.


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  1. Thanks!

    33A fave

  2. Fun one! Thank you

  3. I’m glad that your puzzles include answers from every slice of history, and also contemporary stuff. And if most people nowadays aren’t current on the various topics of American history since WWII, then maybe they should expand their horizons. Their lives would be so much richer!

  4. I’m curious if I’m missing an inside joke on 38D: “He tells tales out of school” and the answer is “Alum”.

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