Puzzle 93 – “A Breezy Themeless”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Happy spring, yall, from Jackson, where today was… um… the coldest day since January by a long shot. And windy lately too, hence the title on this one. It’s also clued a little easier than usual around these parts, it feels like… so I hope that means it’ll be a breezy solve for a breezy spell.

Favorite clues here: 25-Down. And 44-Across, just because the more you think about it, the stranger a phenomenon it really is, even if fictionally so.

Hope you enjoy. Happy solving, and always, comments welcomed.


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  1. Solid. But like you said, easier than usual.

    Stumbled just a bit in the bottom right. 33 down is a good one because the letters fit together so weirdly.

    I joined that competition you are creating for. I chose the hardest difficulty and it’s kicking my butt. I’m hanging in there, but in like 230th place lol.

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