Puzzle 88 – “Mood Music”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

This week, we’ve got the most music-centered puzzle I’ve posted here in a long time, though it’s still a themeless one. 44-Across was the seed entry here, and it’s a term I’ve never really thought of as a terribly negative thing. 48-Across fitting next to it so well… whew, just seemed meant to be.

If you need a quick 64 seconds of nostalgia in your day… 4-Down right here.

Hope you enjoy, yall. Comments welcome. Happy solving!


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  1. Another good one. A little easier than your average I think.

    Love 35-across. I like describing 4 down as a gaming device. I immediately go to video games of course. I learned that Elaine predated the Trump administration. Had no idea she worked for W too.


  2. 25D cracked me up. Nice play on words!

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