Puzzle 77 – “Flames on the Side of My Face”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

So… this one goes a little niche, right? A little silly? That’s not a crime. The seed entry here was obviously 23-Across–and if you don’t instantly know the scene in question, do yourself a favor (spoiler alert, in more ways than one).

Had some fun with some other clues here: 28-Across, obviously, and 42-Across as well. The short fill in this one is not the greatest, I know. But I had such a good time with longer entries here that this grid felt worth sharing. Hope it’s a fun one for you too.

As always, yall, happy solving. Please enjoy. Comments welcomed.


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  1. Thanks for the YT link to the “Clue” scene. Madeline Kahn was a multi-talented person, and I’m glad that Mel Brooks cast her in so many movies. And it’s sad that she passed away at age 57 from ovarian cancer, (a fact I didn’t know until today).

  2. Wowza, five for five on spanners here. Nice!

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