Puzzle 54 – “Unwanted Dead or Alive”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Been playing around lately with grids built on multiple intersecting 15-letter grid-spanning entries (title refers to one of those, at 36-Across). So here you get three of those, with a couple 14-letter entries too.

Hardly any punny territory here, but I do have a few favorite clues: 45-Across and 55-Down found some new angles on some overly familiar entries, I hope… while 22-Across and 7-Down are new angles on less well-worn territory too.

As always, yall, hope you enjoy. Comments welcomed. Happy solving!


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  1. Nice puzzle

  2. Loved the long downs and acrosses. 54A made me chuckle when I got it, pleasant puzzle all around

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