Puzzle 52 – “Where Three or More Are Gathered”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Solving pals, this is puzzle #52 on this site. That means a solid year of crosswords here. I hope you’re having as much fun with these as I am.

This one is themeless, but there’s almost a mini-theme happening because of 22-Down (the title is a hint) and the other clues being cross-referenced there. Other favorite clues: 49-Across for sure, and I also kinda like 47-Across.

And on top of all that… hey, there’s a Muppet.

Happy solving friends. Hope you enjoy, and comments are of course welcomed.


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  1. Congrats on a full year of puzzles!!

  2. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed your puzzles since coming across your site a month or so ago. Other than the puzzles themselves, my biggest challenge is remembering to check the site on Tuesdays! Any chance of an automatic reminder?

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