Puzzle 50 – “Hey, Nineteen.” (A Grid Charlemagne)

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Fair warning: this is an exceedingly silly puzzle.

Last year there was a brief trend in the indie puzzle world: the Grid Charlemagne, a crossword that includes some substantial Steely Dan-adjacent element. I do love the Dan, so I made this one a while back, playing with one Dan title in a way that I hope is as funny as it is dopey.

Feels easier to me than my usual themelesses… and the lack of a Muppet reference is counterbalanced by the Nashville reference. Favorite clue (other than the themers): obviously 12-Down.

Happy solving, yall. Comments welcome. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. What about Ohio?

  2. 15-D & 26-D in the same puzzle? What a coincidence lol

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