Puzzle 47 – “Themeless Time”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

No snappy title on this one, unfortunately. But we’ve got intersections here of four 14-letter entries and a 15er. 31-Across, if memory serves, was the seed entry here. An unusual amount, for me, of sports-adjacent and economic-adjacent stuff here–but you’ve still got a fair amount of musical material, as usual, to play with as well.

Favorite clues: a couple here come with some subtle-ish bonus commentary (8-Across and 44-Down)… and because I do have a weakness for clues that might seem naughty at first glance but really aren’t, 58-Across.

As always, comments welcome. Hope you enjoy. Happy solving, yall.


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  1. Nice puzzle. Thanks

  2. Fun! Bit of tough fill — enjoyed the interesting longer crossings.

  3. I liked these spanners, but you know I have to tsk-tsk 58-Across. Tsk!!

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