Puzzle 158 – “Not the Silent Type”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

Credit where credit is due here: tip of the hat to Matt Gritzmacher, who inspired this one in the Lil AVC X Discord a while back… somehow 17-Across came up in conversation, and he described it as just the sort of thing that would end up in as a themeless entry here. So c’mon, yall, what else was I supposed to do? Especially after that top stack came together?

Favorite clue here, perhaps inevitably, is 17-Across. Went for pretty straightforward cluing here; not much in the way of misdirection.

Hope yall are keeping it #summermode, whatever that may mean for you.

Happy solving, friends. Comments are welcome, as ever. Please enjoy.


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  1. Loved this one – was totally on the wavelength the whole time, but took a few seconds to laugh at the syntax of the 12A clue.

  2. another one down at the beach. keeping it summer mode here. thanks!

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