Puzzle 155 – “Summer Yes, Theme No”

puz here / pdf here / solution here

The title for this one is pretty self-explanatory, right? My school year is over, and I do love summer. I love themelesses too… so here’s one for the unofficially official first week of summer.

This one’s a little heavier on misdirects and question-mark clues than is my norm. Favorite clue here is probably 62-Across, though I really like 26-Down as well.

In other puzzling news… I’d love for you to check out another one by me, whose vibe is also very yay-for-summer, over at the Gin & Grapefruit (midi-sized puzzles) side of the Lemonade Disco site. Also last week, I had a 7×7 mini appear on Crossword Flow, an iPad-specific puzzle app that I’ll be popping up on a few more times in the future.

I hope your summer is off to a good start as well. We’ll keep the puzzling going here each Tuesday.

Hope you enjoy this one. Comments are welcomed, as ever. Happy solving, yall.


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  1. Good one thanks!

    44 down. shocking. they only had one?!

  2. oh I had a ton of fun with this one! which checks out, as a great enjoyer of misdirects and question marks. really liked 62A, 1A, 6D, 26D in particular. I’m also really happy to see 27A pop up. what a giant. (no disrespect of 3D intended!) thank you for a very cool solve, and happy slightly belated your-summer!

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